Oak Investment Management (OIM) is a real estate investment manager.  It provides a comprehensive solution for institutional and individual commitments to real estate.  As a result of this specialization it sources and maintains industry wide contacts with the best legal, accounting, banking, agents and asset manager professionals in the real estate industry.  OIM filters and selects opportunities, reports, models and recommends new opportunities to its clients.  It will supervise the acquisition process as well as optimizing and reporting subsequent performance.

OIM has an experienced management team which is expert in income management and opportunistic property asset management.  The team adopts a ‘shadow ownership philosophy’ in all its operations and acts as a custodian rather than speculator in all of its investment undertakings.   

Identification of opportunities

Advanced modeling and scenario planning

Comprehensive acquisition support

Managerial accounts for investment vehicle

Strategic asset management initiatives

Quarterly investment management reports

Monthly asset management reports

Disposal support